Earthing Accessory


ADVANCE EARTH PIT COVERS - Electrical Earth Inspection Cover Manufacturers The Inspection Pit Covers are designed to easily withstand loads of 6,000 kilograms as well. Pit Covers For Earthing, offered by us, are designed using heavy duty polypropylene ensures a number of features like excellent dielectric properties, chemical resistance, high mechanical strengths, no water absorption and so on. These unmatched features make them appropriate for commercial and industrial applications. The lid of the Earthing Pit Cover perfectly fixed into the base that can be easily opened using a standard flat screwdriver. radation by sunlight and non-brittle to prevent cold weather damage. Being one of the prime ground Pit covers suppliers & exporters, we have been offering the unrivaled solution reckoned in the market for lightweight, easy handling and UV-stabilized characteristics.


  • Manufactured from heavy duty polypropylene for high strength, available in standard and lightweight variants. Integral lock
  • Internal slots to enable an integral earth bar to be fitted
  • Internal slots to enable an integral earth bar to be fitted
  • High tensile strength of steel
  • Excellent Fault Current Carrying Capacity upto 18 kA.
  • Its input as well as output connector is designed using RJ11 female connector that can be easily linked and installed.


  • The physical qualities of JAM Cover with its excellent dielectric properties, high mechanical strengths, chemical resistance and zero water absorption make it ideal for electrical applications. More features :
  • Lightweight, compared to cement concrete
  • Easy to handle.
  • Manufactured from chemical and corrosion resistant.
  • Easy to fit and seal dividing walls.


  • Application
  • Commercial
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial
  • Institutional


  • Electrical Traders
  • Electrical Contractor
  • Petrol & Chemical Industry
  • Sugar and paper Industry
  • T&D operations